Perimeter Projections: 2013 NBA Playoffs

Miami is poised for another title run, finishing with a 66-16 record.

Miami is poised for another title run, finishing with a 66-16 record and earning home court throughout the playoffs.

In what has been a thrilling NBA season filled with emotion, now is the time where greatness shines brighter than ever before. Players like LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony look to build their legacy by capturing an NBA title. Teams go through a multitude of trials and tribulations during a grueling 82-game schedule. However, the intensity only grows from here on out. From the Perimeter has broken down every first, second, third and final round matchup in the NBA playoffs; projecting outcomes from the opening tip to the presentation of the Larry O’Brien trophy.

Western Conference:

1st Round:

(1) Oklahoma City def. (8) Houston 4-1

(4) Los Angeles Clippers def. (5) Memphis 4-3

(3) Denver def. (6) Golden State 4-1

(2) San Antonio def. (7) Los Angeles Lakers 4-2

2nd Round:

(1) Oklahoma City def. (4) Los Angeles Clippers 4-1

(3) Denver def. (2) San Antonio 4-2

Conference Finals:

(3) Denver def. (1) Oklahoma City 4-2

-The Nuggets fast paced offense is orchestrated by Ty Lawson, and with a dominant rebounder in Kenneth Faried, this Denver squad can make a deep run in the postseason. This will be attributed to an equally deep bench and team-first atmosphere instilled by coach George Karl.

Eastern Conference:

First Round:

(1) Miami def. (8) Milwaukee 4-0

(5) Chicago def. (4) Brooklyn 4-3

(3) Indiana def. (6) Atlanta 4-1

(2) New York def. (7) Boston 4-3

Second Round:

(1) Miami def. (5) Chicago 4-2

(2) New York def. (3) Indiana 4-1

Conference Finals:

(1) Miami def. (2) New York 4-3

-In what seems like a no-brainer to some, the Miami Heat will come out of the eastern conference. It won’t be an easy road however, facing two tough defensive teams in Chicago and New York.

NBA Finals:

(1) Miami def. (3) Denver 4-2

-LeBron getting his second ring is all but inevitable in the 2013 playoffs, and the only way Denver will stay competitive in this series is with the help of their raucous home crowd. If the Nuggets can steal a game in Miami, there’s potential for a monumental upset by Denver. However, LeBron and company are men on a mission. For everyone else in the NBA, it looks like mission impossible.

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