The Career of Chad Johnson: An Ochocinco Obituary

Things were looking up for the man formerly known as “Ochocinco”. A new team, a fresh start, and a name change brought Chad Johnson back down to earth. Little did Johnson know that his descent would not stop there. It was made public Saturday that a domestic dispute with his wife Evelyn Lozada landed Johnson in prison. During the dispute, Johnson allegedly head butted his spouse of 39 days. On the 41st day of their marriage, Lozada filed for divorce from Johnson.┬áPromptly after the incident occurred, the Miami Dolphins released him from their roster.

In a whirlwind of events, we could be seeing the career of Chad Johnson coming to an end. He struggled after 1 season with the New England Patriots, and lost the competitive edge that we saw in Cincinnati. Miami looked to be Johnson’s way out of a mess, but it ended up being his downfall. Known for his antics on and off the field, Johnson’s domestic dispute is no laughing matter. Lozada and Johnson have a history of argumentation in their relationship, and it’s sad to see it come to domestic abuse. Whether Johnson initiated the “head butt” or not, the incident proves something about pro athletes.

They’re human.

Despite the fact that fans portray athletes as some sort of superhero, they deal with the same problems in their personal lives that we do. Look at names like Michael Vick, Dez Bryant, and Andy Reid. Vick dealt with jail time, Bryant had issues with his mother, and coach Andy Reid has dealt with the untimely death of his son. Many other players and coaches in a multitude of sports have dealt with issues such as these.

Why then are we aghast at the sight of a pro athlete dealing with personal issues? The answer is simple; they are role models. Everyday people look at celebrities and athletes and think: “That’s who I want to be like”, or “Those are the people my children look up to”. When we see an athlete like Johnson make a mistake in his life, or deal with turmoil, it’s unsettling. We imagine our favorite players to live pristine lifestyles different from our own. Although the lives of pro athletes may be lavish, they are not immune to everyday problems. Johnson’s incident proves that everyone makes mistakes, regardless of their job description.

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